Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Is The Year To Wait Until Next Year

Top Blogs Watching a person cry should never evoke a feeling of happiness. There are only two stipulations for this reaction to be deemed acceptable:
  • You are a White Sox fan.
  • The sorry sap crying is a Cub's fan

For the life of me I cannot understand the Cub fan. I can't. I'm not exactly sure I want to either. Year in and year out it's the same sorry mantra,"This is the year!" Is it guys? Is it really? It's amazing to me that the Chicago Bulls just pushed a great Celtics team to a game seven, while the Blackhawks are three victories from a Stanley Cup Finals appearance. These two teams were clearly not favorites to advance as far as they did in their respective playoff series', yet they did. Goodness, even the Chicago Sting, Chicago Rush and the Wolves all have won championships in their respective sports more recently than 1908. The Cubs on the other hand were the bookies favorite last year to win the World Series. No dice. Again. Meanwhile the White Sox won a World Series in 2005 and won one more playoff game than the Cubs did last year. The Cubs have not won a playoff game since 2003 and have bowed out of the playoffs the last two years without a victory to show for it. Having a priest perform an exorcism in the dugout, bringing a goat back in Wrigley Field; all sorry attempts at redirecting fate. A fate that has the Cubs without a World Series championship in over a century.