Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paying Off?

Top Blogs This is Part 1 of a four part series on the 2009 White Sox payroll. Check out what your favorite player is getting paid for the 2009 season, and if they are earning their take based on the numbers 25 games into the season.

Mark Buehrle 2009 salary $14,000,000
ERA 3.30 W-L 4-0 SO 19
Buehrle is getting paid $86,419 per game, $28, 806 per hour, $9,602 each inning pitched

Jim Thome 2009 salary $13,000,000
BA .214 HR 4 RBI 14
Thome is batting just .185 against right-handers and a solid .375 against lefties.
In 71 at bats, Thome has struck out 39% of the time.
Thome is taking in $80,246 per game. $26,748 per hour or $20,061 per at bat (9 inning game)

Paul Konerko 2009 salary $12,000,000
BA .302 HR 3 RBI 18
Konerko has been the Sox most solid contributor at the plate. In 99 plate appearances, Paulie has only K'd 13.1 % of the time. $74,074 per game, $24,691 per hour.
Carlos Quentin 2009 salary $550,000
BA .253 HR 8 RBI 17
Quentin got off to a hot start this year, but his recent struggles have many suggesting his wrist is causing him problems at the plate. Quentin will be signing a new contract next year and big money is waiting for him. Quentin earns $3395 per game or $377 per inning.

Jermaine Dye 2009 salary $11,500,000
BA .292 HR 7 RBI 15
Dye has traditionally always hit better off of righties and this year has been no exception. Dye is batting .342 against right-handers, while hitting .235 against southpaws. Dye cashes in $70,987 per game, $23,662 per hour.