Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Major League Struggles

Top Blogs Story Line: The Chicago White Sox lose the finale of a four game series to the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays swept the series, limiting the Sox to just eight runs over four games.
Ouch!: The White Sox have dropped 12 of 15 games since May 2. The Sox finished 1-6 on a road trip that started in Cleveland a week ago.
Upset Stomach: Following the fifth inning of the White Sox 2-1 loss in Toronto on Saturday, Bartolo Colon left the game with what he described as an "upset stomach." Watching the Sox play lately has left a sour feeling in many stomachs, but something tells me Colon isn't the most discretionary eater.
Deal On The Heal: Carlos Quentin was scratched from the lineup Saturday, May 16, against the Jays because of the sore left heel injury that prevented him from starting two games earlier in the week. Interim skipper Joey Cora slated Quentin for the sixth batting slot. Quentin has not batted below the fifth slot in over a year.
Guillen Talk: "Right now, we're having a really tough time. I really hope that no one starts pointing fingers on the ballclub. We lose as a ballclub. You've got to come here every day and fight. Come here and do the best you can to get it going. How we're going to get it going? Well, that's our job to try and figure out how we're going to get this going."
Enzo's Eyes: There are so many things going wrong with this club right now it's really difficult to pin down one particular. One of the more discouraging stats is the Sox failure to score with runners in scoring position. The Sox were just 2-23 with runners in scoring position in Toronto. If the Sox lose Quentin for 15, it might be some time before the Sox break 20 victories. Both Floyd and Danks are giving Cooper ulcers, and unless the Sox start stringing together some W's, we'll be certain to hear some Kenny Williams sound bytes very soon.