Thursday, May 21, 2009

Padres Agree To Trade

Top Blogs One down, one to go. The San Diego Padres have reportedly agreed to send Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox, according to sources close to club upper management. For the trade to gain momentum, Peavy must first waive his no trade clause and Bud Selig must sign off on the transaction. Sox GM Kenny Williams has declined to comment thus far, but his outspoken manager is another story. "If this man comes here, there's one thing I'm going to tell him: I'm going to give him the best opportunity to win games and the less opportunity to lose," Guillen said. "He's going to have a chance to win more games because our bullpen is pretty good and he's going to give our ballclub a better chance. I've managed a lot of good pitchers in the past. I'm not going to treat him different from anybody else. When he's out there, make me look good. Don't make me go to the mound to get you out." Guillen added, "Having him in the rotation would be great. He's one of the best in the game — if not the best in the game, at least the National League. He's going to make our ballclub a lot better."