Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What About Bob?

Top Blogs I had just finished my breakfast when I opened up Joe Cowley's most recent article entitled "Bobby Jenks uncensored ... read with an empty stomach." Sanitary and hygiene habits of a 6-3, 275lb roughneck all for the reading. Apparently, Jenks has been known to "go Number 2" anywhere. Literally. During interviews, he is also known to use his shirt or whatever he may be wearing to deposit snot and saliva. Whatever his personal habits are off the field, Jenks makes saving games for the White Sox a habit on the field. And quite frankly, that's all that matters. "That's the type of guy that when he gets out there it's just extreme confidence,'' outfielder Brian Anderson said. "You've got the confidence that there will be a guy throwing four-plus pitches for strikes, not to mention that if he has to throw 100 he probably still could. He defines the closers' role." Jenks has registered three saves in this young 2009 season. Scouts and fans alike are wonedring if Jenks can still hit triple digits on the radar gun. For Jenks though, it has been a learning process. Like Sandy Koufax of years past, he is realizing that overpowering batters doesn't always equate to strong appearances. "I want to sit you as quickly as possible,'' Jenks said. "Going out there 60, 70 times it could wear you down by September. Going out there and being efficient early, that's something you have to learn the more you do it. The goal is to be better at the end."