Thursday, April 9, 2009


Top Blogs Miguel Olivo apparently isn't a fan of his former team. The former White Sox backstop appears to have the attitude of a guy who has already played 159 games. Truth is, the league is 3 games deep into the season. Alot of squatting to go Miguel.
Carlos Quenin seemed to be a pinstriped target for Royals starter Zach Greinke from the outset. In Quentin's first at bat, he had to duck out of the way of a 0-2 pitch that appeared to sail for his think-box. Later in the fourth with no outs, Greinke nailed Carlos directly in the back. It's possible Greinke and Olivo were reacting to Quentin's "Sox Tradition" spot that airs every 8th commercial on CSN.
Regardless, the Sox needed to take what they could get last evening, losing to the Royals 2-0. Gavin Floyd was strong in his effort, fanning 9, walking 2 and allowing 2 runs on 6 hits in 7 innings. Zach Greinke was better though.Greinke worked six strong, surrendering only 3 hits, while allowing 3 base-runners on walks and one hit batsmen. The Sox went hitless following Greinke's departure.
The White Sox will focus on taking the rubber game of the three game set before welcoming Joe Crede and the Minnesota Twins to 35th & Shields on Friday. Thursday's game is scheduled for 1:05 PM and can be viewed on CSN. At work? Get the earphones out and listen to DJ and Farmio on 670 The Score.