Friday, March 20, 2009


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This machine can probably be manufactured for just under $300. It's not complex, and is certainly an aesthetic underachievement. What this machine is however, is a goldmine. This machine can take any signature and replicate it with a dangerous and cunning precision. Currently there is an estimated 80% of fraudulent autographs on the collectors market. The genesis of most frauds is the 'Autopen' machine. The machine became extremely popular in the 1940's with Presidents and U.S. Army Generals. With thousands of documents to sign each week and official signatures needed, the machine offered a time saving alternative. NASA also got heavily involved in the 'Autopen' machine.
The way the machine operates is actually quite simple. The person will sign his or her name to a document and then the paper will be sent to the Autopen company where a template will be produced. The template will be inserted in the machine and hundreds of signatures with an actual pen will be produced. The machine has now found it's way to the collector's market. There are however ways to detect a 'Autopen' autograph. Obviously, to protect yourself against a fraud is to try and attend a signing in person. If this is not possible, be absolutely certain the company is a publicly traded company. No publicly traded company would EVER knowingly put frauds on the market. Do not just accept any COA as proof that the autograph is authentic. Anybody can stick a hologram on a item or put together a word document that appears official and call it a COA. If you're going to spend hundreds of dollars or absolutely need to protect yourself.


Johngy said...

I have seen so many people get ripped off. It is always a question if I should burst their bubble or just let them be.